Although I did keep a Livejournal in high school, this is my first official blog thanks to my enrollment in Bill Handy’s Social Media class. In addition to blogging, I am also on Twitter, which I have grown to love, so look me up (HfWood) on .

When faced with what I should blog about, a few ideas came to mind. One in particular was music. Yes, it’s been done but it’s the one thing I encounter every single day and I almost always have something to say about it. I get a lot of my music from others so I’d like to return the favor and pass it on. Good music should be shared. I am aware that some may not give a hoot what I listen to or strongly disagree with my taste but I am going to try my best to incorporate all different genres of music as well as different perspectives of when, where and why we listen to music.

I hope you will always feel free to comment on my posts. I’ll be posting some listening suggestions this weekend.