Rhianna and Chris

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or perhaps at Edmon Low, you know about the Chris Brown scandal. I wanted to share some thoughts on how this event was handled in the world of social media, primarily in the entertainment industry.

A week ago as the Grammys unfolded, word was spreading fast that the music artist Chris Brown had been arrested. Initial thoughts may have been that it had to be a misunderstanding. But soon enough pieces of information came in at an alarming rate- “Assaulted a woman”, “turned himself into authorities”, “woman confirmed to be Rihanna”, “Rihanna admitted to hospital” “Brown’s career over” and so on. The most efficient communicators (in my opinion) were E! News and the famously outrageous celeb blogger, Perez Hilton. They had a constant flow of Twitter and blog updates confirming facts and discrediting rumors. With scandals like this, it’s hard to know the truth. I think these sources did a good job in getting as much as they knew out to their audience. You’ve got two extremely popular music artists involved, which means huge fanbases desperate to get the scoop.

I think celebrity bloggers and entertainment channels are meeting the needs of their audience with effective communication. They cover the territory of what’s going on in Hollywood, which is a big job to undertake. Despite that some couldn’t care less about what’s going on with celebrities, there is always a large enough group of those who do. When those in the spotlight make these kind of mistakes, they’re letting a lot of people down. Not to mention sabotaging their career that they have worked so hard for. Honestly I can’t think of what Brown could possibly do next to salvage his image. As I mentioned before, he did issue a statement which can be read here.

Personally, I have been a Chris Brown fan from the beginning. He’s an excellent singer as well as dancer. I enjoy his music. But with the events that have occured, I can’t say I’m much of a fan anymore. Could anyone really? Some are defending Brown saying Rihanna “provoked” him and what he did was a simple “dumb choice” because he’s “just a kid.” I know that I obviously don’t know the full story, but from what I do know, I won’t be supporting him any time soon.

This event has also brought to light the issue of domestic violence, not that it wasn’t ever discussed before, but there is a renewed interest in the affects of violence. Possibly a good outcome? It is giving the organizations that stand up to violence and abuse an even bigger audience. Brown had opened up before about abuse in his past pertaining to his father. Is family to blame? It’s a tough issue. One organization, V-Day, is gaining a lot of attention and response because of what’s happened to Rihanna. V-Day is “A Global Movement to End Violence Against Women and Girls.” Visit their site to get more information. http://newsite.vday.org/

Hopefully within the next few months, the media will continue to be effective communicators about how each of the artists are coping and what they’re planning to do next. Please feel free to leave any thoughts on this or visit some of these sources to get more of the scoop: