I’ve mentioned Twitter in previous posts but think that I should approach the topic with full force: what I like about Twitter and why, what I don’t like about Twitter and who I enjoy following on Twitter.


First off, I enjoy the “micro-blogging” concept because the constant feed from the people I follow keeps me thoroughly entertained and well- informed. I like how I can be receiving updates from such a wide range of people. One minute it’s my close friend complaining about class and the next second it’s a rep from Nylon Magazine tweeting from Fashion Week in New York City. Pretty neat. Also, choosing people to follow on Twitter seems less intrusive than adding someone on Facebook. With one click, you’re connected. On Facebook there’s more hesitation. I feel stalker-ish adding someone I recently met. And friend requests from people I’ve never met face-to-face or don’t remember are ignored. Moving on….

What I don’t like is figuring out all the codes and such. I’m getting the hang of hashtags but the rest of it is over my head. Also, the whole concept of not being able to direct message unless that Tweeter is following you is a bit frustrating. Twitpic is neat but not as neat for people like me without a camera phone. Although in about 10 days I should have one and I will be twitpic’ing all over the place.

I enjoy following a large, diverse group on Twitter: companies I like, contacts for possible internship/job, friends, professors, OSU networks, music artists, magazines and bloggers. Everyone has a different message they want to get out. They may never know who I am but I could potentially learn a lot from them. Kinda cool.

So while I am in no way an expert on Twitter, I wanted to share what I’ve been learning along the way. There are a lot of benefits to being connected and those shying away from the emerging social networks need to step it up!

Set up an account on Twitter if you haven’t already- it’s free! (And follow me, HfWood.)