For this playlist I decided to give more of an explanation as to why I recommend these certain songs. I love to hear why people listen to the music they do. Maybe someone they really care about introduced them to it, they heard it at a coffee shop or found it on a Web site. I even love to hear why people don’t listen to some music: an ex, annoying roommate’s choice, or always hated it and don’t know why.

So here are my current listening choices. Postive or negative feedback is encouraged:

Crystal, Stevie Nicks. I’ve been listening to this song a ton lately. I first heard it in one of my favorite movies, Practical Magic with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman. The movie’s story line is a little wacky but the setting is really beautiful. This song plays toward the end when Sandra Bullock is reflecting on the soulmate she may or may not have invented from a spell. It fits really well in the film and always puts me in a good mood.

Boy With a Coin, Iron & Wine. So while I do listen to Iron & Wine from time to time, I just discovered this song a couple weeks ago (thank you!) Its faster rhythm set it apart from most of the Iron & Wine songs I had heard. Then I watched the video on YouTube and was completely fascinated (watch the video here).

Walking on a Dream, Empire of the Sun. This song played in one of the first few episodes of MTV’s “The City.” I have actually gotten a lot of good music from that show as well as from “The Hills” because the song titles are conveniently given to you at the bottom of the screen. I listened to it every morning for a while then forgot about it. Thankfully my good friend Kelsey had it playing in her car last week and it reminded me of how much I love it. I haven’t listened to anything else from this band yet but I’m definitely interested to hear more.

Someone Great, LCD Soundsystem. I first got into LCD Soundsystem from Gossip Girl (yes, I get a lot of music from TV) but only listened to one of their songs for a while before I heard more. My brother had their CD, Sound of Silver, so over the break I discovered this song. I was driving through Dallas going through some relationship stuff and the song fit perfectly. Sounds cheesy but its true. I think about someone in particular every time I hear it but still enjoy it immensely. “I wish that we could talk about it- but there, that’s the problem.”

Streets of Paris, The Teenagers. I am not sure how I first heard about this band; it was possibly from Katy Perry’s blog. Pretty random. But they’re a French trio, which I found interesting because I’m taking French (don’t ask me to say anything in French; I didn’t say I was good at it). This song is really fun and perfect for driving. It’s pretty much about a group of crazy teenagers running around Paris getting chased by some dudes in Nike caps. As for an underlying meaning, I’m not sure. I just really love this song. “C’est la folie.”