My sister, Meredith

My sister, Meredith

I will now be blogging for my Public Relations Communication Methods course as well as Social Media. For our first post, our professor asked, “Why did you pick your degree path and what do you hope to do when you graduate?”

This is a popular question that I think I’ve had several different answers for. First off, how I picked PR was really random. I was sitting with my sister during orientation wondering what my major would be because I had really given it no thought. I was leaning towards something in the journalism school because I liked to write so my sister suggested PR. “Hmm,” I thought. “OK.” And that was it. I’ve stuck with it ever since and I really like it. So I’m thankful to my sister for that one.

But really PR did seem like the choice for me because I always knew that I wanted to use what I enjoyed doing to benefit others. I like to write, travel, work with children and I love art. While those are three completely different interests, it all comes together with PR. There are so many options in the field and I am excited to be able to channel my interests into wherever I may end up.

Plus, PR is about, as Bill Handy so often reminds us, building relationships. Effectively maintaining communication with others is a vital part of almost any career you’ll look into these days. Even now as a student, I am in constant need of communication with others. The relationships being built while I am still a student will help get me to where I want to go long after I graduate.

While I would love to have a job upon graduating, I would like to take some time off to travel outside of the country. Aside from that, I’ll be looking for jobs with non-profit organizations in Dallas, Oklahoma City or Tulsa but I’m willing to go wherever a job opportunity may take me. After a few years in a PR related position doing non-profit work, I’d like to volunteer for the Peace Corps.