When asked who my favorite professor has been so far, two come to mind immediately: Professor Jason Landrum and Dr. John Howland. What takes my thoughts to these professors is that I thoroughly enjoyed attending their class. In college, at least for me, it’s rare that you find a class you look forward to, especially freshman and sophomore year. These professors showed me the potential of what I could gain at OSU within my first couple semesters and left me wanting to pursue the path I was meant to take.

Jason Landrum, who is no longer at OSU, taught both sections of Critical Analysis & Writing. In class we read various articles and watched films in order to draw connections, discuss and write a thorough analysis of what we had found through the material. This class challenged my writing skills and encouraged me to not only cover every aspect of a subject but to elaborate and explain why. In high school I was good at keeping it simple, to the point and getting that A. With Landrum, that wasn’t going to cut it. Thankfully he broke me of my basic structure and pushed to me to write more. Now in PR, writing skills are mandatory and I am thankful for the experience and the challenges I had in Landrum’s course.

John Howland currently teaches several French courses at OSU. I was in Howland’s French I and Reading & Conversation I courses and in the fall I will have him again for n17109384_35700521_9683Advanced Diction & Phonetics. Howland is a favorite professor of mine because I never expected to get as much as I did out of my language courses until I had him. He strives to engage with his students, sticks to a plan and effectively covers difficult material. He encourages interaction outside of class in order to strengthen our understanding of French and is always available to discuss concerns or anything at all about his courses or any other French course. Howland expects a lot out of his students but is also willing to help them get to the level where they need to be.