lightbulbSo over the past few weeks I have felt incredibly overwhelmed with the need to be relevant, tactful, strategic and meaningful. The truth is, there’s only so much I can do. At the end of the day, I’m just me but I have learned a lot over the course of this school year.

Recently I realized just how much I have learned because I found myself applying what I had been taught in my journalism classes to a situation in a completely different kind of class. My struggle was that I believed the material presented in the class was not adequately covered by the professor in order to prepare us for the tests. When I attempted to approach him about my problem I felt there was little room for change (in his opinion) although I had several ideas on how to improve the situation.

Then it hit me.

Suddenly I was  aware that I had been unconsciously  forming objectives, measurement and tactics for this class. There was a problem, a miscommunication and I wanted to find a solution. Then I didn’t feel so discouraged about the outcome of the class because I felt confident and optimistic knowing that my other classes had equipped me well to approach tough situations.

As for the class, I may not end up doing as well as I’d like but I will do the best I can, take the grade and move on. I’m sure we’ve all felt that way each semester. More importantly, I know that I am beginning to grasp the tactics of PR in a new way that will help me as I gain more experience, especially this summer at my internship.

Reflecting on moments like these was actually enjoyable because a lot of things came to mind. I’ve changed a lot and found better ways to make my path through OSU lead to even bigger, exciting things. I’m not sure where I’ll end up but I think I’ll be ready when I get there.

Now, I leave you with a song…