So I have officially brought my WordPress blog back from the dead. This idea for a blog has been sitting around in my head for quite some time now so I decided to go ahead and throw it out there.

Please excuse the lack of fun colors, etc. I am still re-learning how to make this look cool. I’ve gotten a little too used to my Blogspot. Also, feel free to throw out some name suggestions. “Hayley’s Blog” is pretty boring.

So first of all you may be asking- what’s the point of this blog? I’ve done the blogging thing a few times but for this one, I’m tackling on a new topic: The Job Hunt.

With graduation less than two weeks away (WOW) I am feeling the pressure to get myself out there and land myself the perfect job. Okay, maybe not perfect, but I’d like to find a position that suits me and a place where I can learn and grow.

I’d like to document my job search on a daily basis and challenge myself to put what I have to offer out there for the position that’s right for me. I want to reference different sites and guides that I use for my job search as well as people who have given me advice. I’m going to keep people’s names, companies, etc. anonymous that I refer to just to avoid any potential problems.

Here is where I am so far:

I don’t have a full-time job.

I’m going to stay in Stillwater for the summer and possibly have an internship. Or two.

I’m graduating May 8 with a degree in Public Relations.

I am willing to move anywhere for a job but I have been looking mainly in Texas and Oklahoma.

Here’s what happened today:

I had an interview this morning with two employees at a place that I’m actually already very familiar with. I was really excited to get this interview, for a paid summer internship, because it’s a great place and I think I could learn a lot and work with some great people. The interview lasted an hour (longest I’ve ever had) and it included a writing test- yikes. I had an instant flashback to all those quizzes from the great Ray Murray. I think I did alright but I’m hoping that I did well enough on everything else that an average test score won’t rule me out. I brought my portfolio but they had already seen some of my work that I sent them. One of their employees was actually the source of a feature story I wrote for the O’Colly- score! I also had two other people in the office who knew me. I think these are good things.

I decided to wear my no-fail black dress with my new vintage black belt, Yellowbox low heels and a lovely, orange argyle sweater that my wonderful roommate let me borrow. I figured it’d be best to show a little OSU pride.

Overall, I think the interview went well. They’re going to get back to me next week so fingers crossed, it’ll be good news. But no matter what the outcome, the interview was a great, learning experience and I know I have contacts there for my future endeavors.

Sorry, this post was overwhelmingly long. I promise in the future I’ll keep it pretty short. Hope you’ll come back to see what happens next!