Well today has been interesting for a few reasons.

First off, I heard back about the internship. I didn’t get it. Bummer. Although they did call me, which I thought was really nice, and I’m glad they got back to me so soon. Now I can start making other plans.

Then this morning I got an email that I did get an internship that I applied for a couple weeks ago. This is good news. The internship would be a really neat experience and I’d pretty much be in charge of a big project. Very cool. Only thing is that it’s unpaid.

So currently I have two positions and no salary. I know both of these opportunities will pay off in other ways but I am going to have to find a way to get by for at least a couple months. A part-time job would probably help but I want to try to find something other than just behind the counter at a retail store. I need to get on that…

My challenge for this week is to make a couple phone calls about some full-time positions I’m interested in and find a good part-time job for the summer. And also pass my one final.

Also, today was my last college class. Ever. My professor played a mean trick on me and told me I wouldn’t have a minor without a B average of all my French classes. Let’s just say French Intermediate I & II didn’t quite improve my GPA. At all. But he was just giving me a hard time.

Next up, one project, two papers and one final. Graduation is a week from tomorrow!