So the title of this post is a reference to what my mother told me last night as she was trying to get off the phone to watch 24 with my father.

Me: “But Mom, I’m dealing with a crisis here!”

Mom: “You’re fine honey. Now I need to go watch 24 with Dad but I love you with all my guts.”


The crisis I’m referring to is the toll that stress has taken on my body. Let’s just say it hasn’t been fun. But a trip to the doctor this morning and I should be fine in a few days.

But the point is… I’m glad my mom loves me with all her guts because it’s nice knowing that her and my dad are willing to support and help me no matter what I do. And whether I’ll be making money this summer or not.

Yesterday I had a meeting about the program I might be doing this summer with all the other people who got accepted and the staff persons we will answer to. It was informative but concerning seeing as how I am planning on being at the beach the day the program starts. Woops. But they were pretty understanding about it and I’m meeting with the person I’ll report to tomorrow to map out what I’m interested in doing for them. That’s the part that I’m pretty excited about. I like that I have the chance to tell them what I want to do and where I want experience. We’ll see how tomorrow goes but I have a good feeling about it.

Then as for the other unpaid position- I pretty much accepted the offer to do the internship and I’m meeting with them on Thursday to discuss a schedule. The project I’m taking on will be pretty huge so I’m hoping I will be able to rise to the challenge in the two months I’ll have to do it. I’m anxious to see how that meeting goes as well…

Anyway, finals week is upon us and I actually have no real finals- lucky me. But I do have a regular test tomorrow as well as a paper due. Then I’m DONE.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable finals week. Remember to try to manage your stress! It’s important. I would know.