So two projects, two papers and one test later…I’m done! I spent my last frantic morning in the library yesterday, donut and coffee in hand, notes scattered all over a table and I hopefully conquered the test. I added my favorite quote to the bottom, from the film our test was over, for my professor-

“Les temps sont dur pour les reveurs.”

– Times are hard for dreamers, from “Amélie”

And it feels really good to be done. But now the job search can be my #1 priority.

I had my meeting yesterday to discuss what I wanted to do for the organization that accepted me to their summer program. It’s called a program but it pretty much encompasses everything an internship is. Anyway, it went well. We brainstormed and put a lot of ideas on a board. They’re being pretty flexible with my schedule so I’m thankful for that.

Then, I was supposed to have my meeting for the other internship today but once I finished my other meeting yesterday, I made a hasty decision to put this one on hold. So I sent them an email explaining that I needed some time to reconsider the position due to the fact that I had another commitment and I was also looking for a paid position. I was a little nervous sending it out, afraid that I seemed fickle, but I’m taking my chances and I told them I’d have a decision by next week.

But more importantly my wonderful family will be here tomorrow and I can’t wait to see them so this weekend should be a lot of fun.

I’m also sending out an application today to a place in Oklahoma City that I’ve been interested in for a while so we will see if that brings any results. Then I will be enjoying the beautiful day!

Hope everyone has a wonderful graduation weekend! See you Saturday!