I’ve officially been a nanny for about three weeks now. Most days are pretty entertaining and I enjoy finding new places for us to go. Last week there was a new addition to their family- Sparky, a seven week old black lab. He’s pretty darn cute. So most of my days are spent with a puppy on my lap, eating macaroni and sitting at the park reading. I can’t complain. I think the nanny life suits me.

Aside from all the PB & Js and Playstation, I am still looking for full-time job. So far, nothing. I have found a few new job posting websites that are helpful. I’ve thrown myself out there to a few different places but have gotten nothing back so far.

The summer program I’m involved in hasn’t exactly been what I expected. While I love the people, the atmosphere and its mission, I haven’t been given very much to do; not to mention my nanny schedule interferes with my ability to go into the office since my backup is pretty unreliable. Anyway, I will probably be voicing my concerns/ideas to them some time this week just to let them know I’d like to be given more responsibility and requirements.

Another idea has come into the picture due to a close friend from home, who happens to be in the current position I am (degree with no clear future plan). She has proposed something that I would’ve never imagined myself doing but it sounds exciting. We’ll be doing more research on it over the next few weeks and see what happens… although suddenly I can’t stop imagining myself ending up somewhere on the West coast. Doesn’t sound too bad at all…

Time is ticking but I’m trying to stay positive. Looks like I will most likely be back in Dallas by August. Yikes. My family, who I love so very much, have taken it upon themselves to be my personal job seekers at times and while I love the help, some of the suggestions aren’t very practical/relevant/possible. But who knows maybe in the end they’ll be the ones to get me in the door of somewhere great. They mean well.

In conclusion:

Meet Sparky, my 4th child.