Well friends, I must inform you for the sake of this blog (personally, I don’t want to get my hopes up) but I have a job interview on Monday. It’s a non-profit organization in Oklahoma City that I came across the other night. They responded to my email pretty quick and wanted to interview me next week. So wish me luck!


I’ll actually be spending my weekend in Dallas to celebrate Pop’s Day. I can’t wait to grill burgers and go see Toy Story 3! (Yes my dad is just as excited as me for the movie and loved the idea of going to see it on Sunday.)

The title of this post is in reference to my indecision about staying close for a job or going far away. As I mentioned in a previous post, a friend of mine and I had ambitions to go to the West coast in the next couple months but with the possibility of a job in Oklahoma City, I’d have to put those plans on the shelf. I’m torn but there is really no way of knowing what will happen until I have my interview and keep applying for other jobs. So we’ll see… either way I am feeling a bit more hopeful. Even if I don’t get this job, it will be a good experience and I don’t mind spending an afternoon in the city.

I was going to add some fun pictures of the kiddos and Sparky today but I’ll have to save it for another post- speaking of, Sparky may actually be needing a new home pretty soon so if you’re interested in adopting a black lab in the near future, holler at me… he’s a sweetie. I’d take him if I could.

Have a wonderful weekend!