Well today is Saturday, which usually means it’s time to relax and kick back, but not for me today. I am on the job applying grind. So far I’ve mailed one application and emailed countless others. I might even attempt to fax a few more with my new printer. It’s even the first pretty, sunny day in a long time but I have to resist the sunshine and keep at it.

My appointment at OSU Career Services went well. Some of the many tips they gave me were to check job postings on LinkedIn, email former professors and continue to network in every way possible. They told me most entry-level positions are offered through networking so I am looking for any and every way possible to use contacts and reach out to potential employers.

As for a possible nanny position, I haven’t found anything yet but I have emailed a few people from Craigslist (kinda shady I know but I’m open to anything at this point) and I sent my information to a nanny placement agency.

I am really feeling the pressure to find something as soon as possible but I know I need to stay positive and possibly accept that moving home for a while won’t be the worst thing in the world… ?

Oh yes and the “mini-vaca” I mentioned in my previous post is officially happening July 28; I’m going to Chicago!

I’m pretty excited. I haven’t been since high school and it will be nice to get out of Oklahoma for a bit and put aside all this uncertainty and stress…