Well Monday is drawing to a close.. thank goodness. What a day. The kids were really not in the mood for well.. anything really. Let’s just say after several meltdowns and bad attitudes, me and Sparky were ready to hit the road and leave those crazies in our dust. But, soon enough their mother arrived and relieved me of my duties.

As I mentioned before, I was on the job hunt grind all weekend as well as this morning and as it turns out, it paid off. I got three phone calls today about my job inquiries and an interview for Friday. It was quite a relief to get some feedback. I’m excited about who I’m interviewing with on Friday. Either way, I’m making progress and I’m happy about that.

I came across an inspiring blog post today- read it here. It encouraged me to keep up my blogging efforts!

Also something that inspired and kept me going today was this song: