Happy Friday! This morning I had my interview, which went well, but I was super nervous. I don’t think it affected the way it went but they did inform me that there were a lot of applicants for the position. I won’t know for about a week and half if I got a second interview or not. Fingers crossed!

But until then, I will not stop my search and I’m planning to continue until I leave for Dallas/Chicago. Yesterday I was contacted by a company that is interested in me and we were supposed to follow up this afternoon but I never heard from them so we’ll see about that. I have a phone interview for an internship (that I don’t know a whole lot about but that I’m interested in knowing more) on Monday. Then another internship interview in Tulsa on Wednesday. Yes I have become more open to taking an internship, especially one that’s paid. So hopefully those interviews will be beneficial and help me determine where I’m going to be. I’d love to say I secured the job I interviewed for today because I love the company and its mission and I think it’d be a wonderful place to be but there is no guarantee right now especially with so much competition.

I’m going to try to enjoy the weekend as much as possible but I know job hunting/moving/traveling will be on my mind! Dallas in a week- Chicago in a week and a half!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Oh ya and here’s another song to enjoy- the only good part of Eclipse is the amazing soundtrack and this is one of my faves:

(credit: soundcloud)