Well I will be traveling to Dallas come tomorrow and then Chicago on the 28th! I’m calling it my end of summer vacation. I’m excited.

Today may have been my last day with the kids. Kinda bummed. When I get back from Chicago I will probably hang out with them a little but it depends on where a possible job opportunity may lead me. I was really lucky to find a replacement to watch them while I’m gone. Thank you Craigslist.

I had an interview for an internship yesterday in Tulsa. I think it went really well and I should be hearing from them next week. I also had another internship interview on Monday that I would be able to do from home.

Tomorrow I have an interview in Texas- figures the one place I “wasn’t” looking came and found me instead. I’m pretty excited about it; the position sounds really suited for me.

As of today, I’m about 90% moved out of my apartment here in Stillwater- weird. This summer flew by. I am really ready for what’s next. I’ve got a storage space full of stuff to put somewhere. I just want to know where. Could I possibly have to say goodbye to Oklahoma?