I have an announcement to make…

I got a job!

Yes, the company in Texas called yesterday and made an official offer so I will be moving home in the next few days then I start work early next month. I am relieved/excited/happy/nervous. I know it will be sad to leave Oklahoma and my friends here but I am so ready to get started on what’s next for me. I am ready to actually live somewhere and unpack my suitcase! I will be living with good ol’ Ma and Pa until I get settled in at work and save up some dough but I don’t think it’ll be too bad; I have good friends nearby and of course my best friend-my sister- and my pooch, Abby.

So now the question is- what to blog about now? I’ve been giving it some thought and I definitely want to keep it going so I think I will just continue sharing my life transitions as I move back home and start this new adventure. I’ve also considered sharing other personal things like fashion, photos and music tidbits. Thoughts?

I’d also like to give a big THANK YOU to all those that read my blog and have given support along the way during my job search. Friends, former coworkers, and various Twitter pals- you are awesome and kept me going! Thank you!!