I took a pretty long break from the blog while I moved and settled back into home but I will be attempting to remain as consistent as possible from now on. So far, I’ve enjoyed being back in Dallas. Several people have asked me, “So when are you headed back (to Oklahoma)?” and it’s nice to say, “I’m not; I’m here to stay!” After next weekend all of my things will be brought here and I will officially feel like a Texan again.

So now I am just waiting to begin work in about a month. Until then I don’t really have much to do or money to really do anything. I’ve resolved to improve my cooking skills, read a couple new books and indulge in episode after episode of Weeds, which I am so caught up in that I go to bed stressed out about what Nancy is going to do.

My mom and I have also began the process of redecorating and organizing my room. Although I’m not here permanently, she was going to change it up anyway so now she just gets to have my input. Today we started on my closet and so far, it looks great. She painted it white, I color coordinated all my clothes and we bought a hanging shoe organizer. Exciting stuff. Once we get all the rest of my stuff out of Stillwater, it’ll really start to come together.

I’m thinking about posting some of my favorite Dallas spots soon so feel free to share yours! And also enjoy some new music thanks to NPR. Who doesn’t love that?