Well the long hiatus from the blog is due to spending all of last week in Stillwater with good friends. Then my mom and dad came to fetch me with a U-Haul and we got the rest of my belongings out of storage and returned to Dallas.

Unpacking has been an interesting process- lots of, “Ohh that’s where that’s been! I love that thing!”and so on. I get about two boxes done a day and my mom and I have made a lot of progress in putting my room together. It’s looking really nice; I’ll post pictures soon for those interested. I love taking advantage of my mom’s interior decorating and organizing skills. She’s a pro. She actually has her own business for anyone who needs helps with big organizing projects. Let me know. Every other room in our house is some kind of decoration or organization station. Oh ya and my bathroom will be getting ripped out next week. I already have a new sink and tub waiting to be installed in our garage.

I’ve gotten a lot of paperwork and information for the big j-o-b. My first day is approaching fast; I’m pretty nervous. It’s kind of like the first day of school again. But more important. Plus I’m now actually putting my skills into practice; I’m excited!

This Saturday I’ll be heading to Stillwater for the first home football game. My first as an OSU ALUM. Pretty neat. It’s weird now to say, “Well, when I was in college…” I still keep trying to get my mom to buy me cute, orange things but she says that that time has passed. Sad.

My favorite Dallas spots post is still coming together so feel free to continue giving me your suggestions!

Here’s a few albums, which I just added to my iTunes that I highly recommend:

Bat For Lashes: Fur & Gold
Amazon, iTunes
Katy Perry: Teenage Dream
Amazon, iTunes
Grace Potter & the Nocturnals: This Is Somewhere
Amazon, iTunes

Have a great weekend!!