My first couple days of work are now behind me- phew. I’m relieved; I was really nervous leading up to my first day. Thankfully I had a lot of wonderful friends sending me texts throughout the day wishing me luck!

This week is considered “Boot Camp”, which so far has mainly consisted of being given a lot of information about the company and how it works. I’m with three other people in my position, who I will work with in the Dallas office; everyone else has a different position at a different office. Tomorrow we will get to meet with all the others that have already starting working in our position and we’ll learn more about what we do. I’m really excited to get started on that so tomorrow should be really interesting and hopefully fun.

So far the company seems great and the people are really nice and interesting. Oh and it just so happens that the day our boot camp started, our company was doing this. Pretty cool.

I have a lot of thoughts bouncing around in my head about what direction I want my blog to take so hopefully over the next couple months I’ll be doing some research and changing it up a bit. I know one of the first things I want to do is start to include a lot more pictures but I am waiting on a new camera from the Geek Squad. I also know that I’d like to incorporate things I’m learning in the job field/”real world”, a bit of fashion, social media commentary and some music here and there. Ya, I’m a little all over the place but when it comes to the opportunities in social media, I am constantly learning more and getting inspired. So keep reading!

That’s all for now; I’ll have much more over the next couple weeks as I get settled into the new job. Feel free to leave questions, suggestions, etc. I love comments!