I can’t believe I have almost completed my first week on the job and what a week it has been! I’ve learned so much about the company in such little time and it is a really exciting place to be. I know I still have so much to learn. Next week we’ll start to get into the details of our specific job and purpose. I already really like the people I’m working with; I feel lucky.

But I wasn’t planning on just blogging about the new job. I have recently made a few minor but significant changes in my life and I wanted to share my thoughts on it.

Most people that know me know that I love social media. I love Twitter especially. And I love blogs. And obviously blogging. Social media was a huge part of my job search this summer so I became accustomed to consuming so much information via social media every single day. Then not too long ago someone called me out on how much time I was spending online interacting in social media versus the time I was spending face to face with people. I got really defensive, said they were ignorant and reminded them that social media is how I got my job. But I soon realized they had a point. I realized I was in the habit of being so involved with other people’s lives and information via tweets and blog posts that I had begun to discredit the importance of what I was doing because I was constantly comparing myself to other people I was reading about online. It seems silly and immature but I was doing it without even realizing it. I had been forgetting to remember to enjoy what I was doing at the moment and set aside all the unnecessary content. So slowly but surely I began to cut back. I’m following a 100 less people and reading about 10 less blogs. I can already tell the difference. I’ve even defriended a few people on Facebook- gasp- but I just needed to. I was overloaded.

Now that my job will incorporate social media, I’m going to continue to engage in it and learn but keep myself in check that in my spare time- it is what it is- spare time and not too much time with my computer. I could go on and on about my thoughts on this but that’s the basic message I wanted to share. As much as I love the online conversations, I need to remember to use my time effectively.

Thoughts, opinions, suggestions welcome… I hope everyone has had a wonderful week!