I know I’ve been slacking on the posts- sorry! But I have changed the colors around here and added a few things so let me know what you think!

I can’t believe it’s already week three at my job. We will be doing some job shadowing this week and will get to see the real day to day life of our co-workers, which will be great because eventually after getting a lot of information, I need to put it into practice to really learn it. I’ll also have the chance to get more accustomed to the area where I’ll be working instead of the training room we’ve been in the past couple weeks so that’s exciting as well.

So if you’ve been seeing my tweets every once in a while, you may have noticed my frequent references to some problems I’ve been having with Best Buy/ Geek Squad. A couple weeks ago I took my mildy damaged camera to get repaired. The geek squad employee said he’d be happy to send off my camera and even have a newer version sent back to me. Sure I thought. And he told me he’d call me within a couple days.

Well a week went by so I called them and they had no word of my camera. A couple more days went by and still nothing. Then it had almost been two weeks so I called the head of the geeks and asked what was the deal here. He told me they had gotten confirmation that my broken camera had been received but my new camera was MIA and they were waiting to hear back from UPS. Then yesterday I went to confront this problem face to face. They still had no word from UPS but told me I could buy a new camera and when my other one got there, just exchange them. Naturally I asked why they couldn’t buy me this new camera and he said they weren’t authorized to do that. And he didn’t know when my camera would arrive. Or why UPS couldn’t find it. And now I’m right back where I started.

So there’s my rant. Despite the fact that the Geek Squad did do their part in the process, I am still without a camera and they have not assured me in any way that I will have one any time soon. Dear Camera, Get here soon because I am broke and I like to take pictures.

… I miss you.

If you have any advice in this situation- PLEASE send it my way!! But camera or no camera, I think I’m going to have a great week and I hope you do too! Plus fall is here (my favorite) and the best month ever is just around the corner…