Fall is finally here! My FAVORITE time of the year. I love the chill in the air; my birthday is this month as well as my favorite holidays: Halloween & Thanksgiving. There are just not many things that I love more than fall. I love fall.

Anyways- my camera issues have been officially resolved! The Geek Squad gave into my pleas and hooked me up with a new camera, which I LOVE. Take a look…

It’s a Canon Powershot SD1400. I’ve already used it a bunch and I am really happy with my decision. I love how small and smooth it is. I’m just glad that whole mess is over.

I’ve been lazy on the blogging because the past couple weeks have been pretty busy. Work is so great; I’m still learning so much every day. We found out that more people will be hired for our position next month and I should be getting my own clients to start working with soon. I think there’s a moment almost every day that I feel thankful to have a job that involves something that I love doing and that excites me. Although there are numerous things I miss about the college life, I think this part of my life is starting to suit me just fine.

This week was an especially good one for a couple reasons: Wednesday night I went to see Local Natives, one of my current favorite bands.

They were incredible just as I expected; it was totally worth being tired the next morning at work. Their album, Gorilla Manor, came out earlier this year and I HIGHLY recommend it… Hearing them play all theirs songs that night took me back to this past summer when I listened to them every day while I looked for a job. It was cool to hear them in a different way because I feel like I’ve come so far but their music is still as amazing as ever. Good stuff.

Listen to “Sun Hands” (Via: Soundcloud)