I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am still completely stuffed. And I am now determined to stay on track with my blogging. I started to lose steam a while back because I felt like since the blog doesn’t necessarily center around one thing anymore, it was kindof pointless. Not to mention you start to wonder if anyone out there even really cares. But I am continued to be inspired to write so therefore, I shall carry on.

I wanted to share some exciting news; I now have a pen pal! These days I feel it is rare to hand-write anything but I’ve always loved receiving written cards and notes and such so now I’m so happy that I’ll be continuously receiving mail from my sweet friend.

Meet my pen pal, Kelsey.

Kelsey and I met the summer of 2007 when we worked in New Braunfels, TX as camp counselors. During training we were separated into “cov” groups where I met Kelsey, my fellow “Cov-Cake.” She kept everyone cracking up so much my ribs were sore every night. Soon, we formed a unique, strong and lasting friendship. We worked together two summers, made a couple visits to Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas in between then this past January, I had the honor and privilege of being in her wedding. She now lives in Tennessee with her husband so I’m not sure when we will be able to see each other again but I feel as though the distance between us has been shortened due to our letters.

If you don’t already, I encourage you to consider having a pen pal- and for those of you who do, please share some of the fun ideas you may have! I have a good #musicmonday post planned for tomorrow so stay tuned… and have a wonderful week : )