Hope everyone is staying safe and warm in this crazy weather! I spent the day working at home with Abby since my mom is taking care of my dad, who just had knee surgery yesterday.

Is there anything cuter than a little white dog in the snow? No. There isn’t. I’ll be stuck inside again tomorrow then Thursday I’m heading to California!

Anyway- exciting news… The Civil Wars’ full-length album, Barton Hollow, finally came out today! It is currently #1 on iTunes so keep it there by buying it now! Be cool and buy it here… It is just as wonderful as I predicted. And perfect to listen to in this wintry weather.

I got my tickets to see them on March 12 in Dallas so expect a lot of excessive tweets of excitement around that time.


Stay warm and check back Thursday to see the winner of the Fences CD giveaway! (PS- it’s not too late to enter, leave a comment here to win)