Last night was pretty mesmerizing… my expectations were well exceeded and I loved the venue for the show- All Good Cafe. They played every song from Barton Hollow plus a couple covers and 1 new song. Here’s a couple pics from the show – excuse the blurriness. I hate being that person flashing their camera every 4 seconds…

Halfway through the show, they were having technical difficulties so they just proceeded to the middle of the restaurant for a couple songs sans mics. Amazingness.

I took a short video of “Falling” – please excuse the blurriness and shakiness…sorry:

So, so good.

Afterward, they came out and I got my poster signed and a good pic – Eek.

Overall- one of the best shows I’ve been to. I say that a lot. But this ranks in the top 3. I really, really hope they’ll be back soon or I can catch them somewhere else in the near future. They’re playing a couple shows at SXSW so if you’re planning on going, put them into your agenda! Must see!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!