I hope you have had wonderful week and are enjoying the warmer weather; the first day of spring is tomorrow! And I heard there’s supposed to be a killer full moon tonight. I’m kinda pumped.

In other news, I recently became a member of the DFW Bloggers Network (you might’ve noticed that cute, little Texas icon down on the right side). The DFWBN was started by two lovely bloggers who decided to start a local website to bring Dallas bloggers all together. When I came across their site, I was intrigued and decided to join to see what it was all about. So far, I’ve learned about some amazing, inspirational bloggers who live right here in Dallas and various meet-ups and events to look forward to such as the Dallas Chic Festival on April 2. So far, so good.

More importantly, I wanted to share some good ideas I’ve come across about how to donate to the relief efforts in Japan.

Consider taking a couple minutes to make a huge difference- even with just $5. Have a wonderful weekend!