It seems like just yesterday…

I started this blog April 28, 2010 in order to share my job-searching journey. Now here I am almost 8 months into the working world and the blog is still going strong – at least most of the time anyway. This time last year I was in a bit of a panic…feeling excited but terrified to leave college and see what post-grad life had in store for me. I’ve thrown in some job searching advice here and there that has hopefully been helpful to some and I figured this week – with graduation on the horizon for some – was another appropriate time to do just that.

Here to help me is former OSU classmate and dear friend, Miss Hilary Alese Nielsen. She was kind enough to send along some insight and encouraging words for those setting out on the job hunting path. Alese graduated this past December but didn’t jump into the “career girl” role right away; she spent time searching, interviewing and feeling the inevitable discouragement of being out of college, in with mom and dad and without a job. A lot of us have been there. A lot of us will be there. So I hope you find her advice useful:

I’d like to say that there is a friendly guidebook to the months after graduation but let’s face it – Maury comes on at 11 and if you’re lucky, Dr.Phil’s family is the feature story airing at 3. In between your shows, you’ll fight your brain to not eat anything until noon otherwise the onslaught of hunger kicks in at 9 am (if you’re even up) and you’ll eat until 9 pm that night. Once lunch is made ,you might bake a cake or turn back on the trusty TV Guide channel and watch a re-run of that True Life episode you could never catch when in school … when you actually had a life.
In between all of this you’ll send out resumes and cover letters and endless follow up emails. You’ll probably only get one or two responses back and some will be good, while others will be the “thanks for your interest in our company … yada yada we’ll keep your info on file.” By this time cabin fever, as well as resentment and disappointment has set in.
Sounds bleak right? Fear not, there is hope! I’m here to tell you that you’ll live, because I’m living and have OFFICIALY become a CAREER GIRL! The best advice I can give is to remain positive and talk to anyone and everyone you know. The more people that know you are searching for a job, the more your name gets out there. Not only that, tweet and blog like crazy! I got several referrals through contacts on Twitter and others that read my daily job rants on my blog. Being shy is definitely not an option when searching for jobs. I sent emails to every person I had ever worked with or met along the way asking if they were hiring or knew anyone that was. I’m a firm believer that persistence pays off and in the long run, it will!  Aside from emailing and tweeting, I also made sure I made a daily schedule when searching for jobs. I would set aside time to search through hiring websites as well as classifieds for a few hours and then take a break. Otherwise I ended up being blind and cranky by the end of the day due to lack of food and fresh air.
All in all, stay positive and keep at it! It took me 4 months but my career dreams came true!

Thanks girl!

You can follow more of Alese is up to: @hilaryalese

And CONGRATS to all those graduating this month!