This past Saturday, The Body Shop at Northpark Mall hosted our DFW Bloggers Network meetup! It was a very enjoyable morning spent eating Chik-fil-A, getting foot and hand scrubs, learning about the mission of The Body Shop plus scoring a great goody bag with coupons to use on the new products I purchased.

Thanks Chik-fil-A!

The Body Shop is passionate about the issue of sex trafficking and created a “Stop Sex Trafficking” Campaign. It’s shocking how much of it goes on not only in other countries, but right here in Dallas. The Body Shop is collecting petition signatures to help enforce laws that better prosecute sex traffickers.  You can sign the petition in the store and with your signature, you receive $5 off of your purchase!

Katie (Fashion Dinosaur) getting her makeup done

Melissa (zestes de mode) and Erin (Work With What You’ve Got) smelling the yummy hand scrubs – did you know The Body Shop’s products are all-natural and contain no chemicals? They’re also brought in from all over the world. The manager, Brian, told us they were low on oil burners because the donkey who transported the burners in the village they buy it from died and they were helping them raise money to buy a new donkey. Legit.

Here’s the great stuff I purchased:

Mango Body Scrub

I kinda want to eat this stuff.

Tea Tree Cleaning Wipes

Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil

I wasn’t as familiar with using this type of product but the website breaks it down pretty well:

Best if you want to: Give you skin an even bronzed look with a hint of shimmer with a lightweight body oil.
Best for: all skin tones
How it works:
• Honey-bronze glow
• Tan-enhancing shimmer
• Non-greasy finish

Plus, Erin was raving about it and snatched up her bottle so quick, I had to give it a try. She said she even puts a little on the ends of her hair the day after she’s washed it. I’ve tried that a few times this week and I can’t tell a huge difference but what I  do really love is the smell. So amazing. And it’s a great price for the amount of product.

Thank you again, The Body Shop, for hosting this fun event! (Like The Body Shop Facebook and follow them on Twitter!)