i’m glad that no one is sitting here with me as i write this because i’m probably going to tear up. there were a few different blogging topics i had on the back burner but since father’s day is tomorrow, there’s no better time to pay tribute to the one and only. randy wood.

“who is your hero?”

this question has popped up countless times… school essays, job interviews, surveys and so on. quite a few years ago, i began to have a consistent answer – my dad.

my dad is my hero because he exemplifies what it is to be a servant in everything he does. he inspires me. he loves unconditionally. he listens without judgment. he sacrifices daily for our family. he has the perfect balance of masculinity and sensitivity. he cried in march of the penguins. and lassie. he is obsessed with our dog. he is goofy. he never seemed disappointed that i was horrible at sports and he came to all of my dance recitals. he has a strong, unwavering faith. he works hard. he teaches not only his children but others. he is devoted to my mom. he puts up with my mom (jk mom). he is a constant resource of wisdom. he gave me these baby blues. he came from simple means and appreciates the little things. he once played in a band. he still almost cries when he talks about selling his bass guitar. he closes his eyes during a good hymn. he’s impossible to shop for because he is never in need of anything. he loves coffee. he’s a horrible cook but makes amazing waffles. he never brings work home. he loves to bike. he loves his family. he loves his goofy youngest daughter.

happy father’s day dad. i hope to gain at least half of your qualities. i love you.