this sunday, my grandma, Louise Dillingham, will turn 80. to celebrate, we are putting together a book of some of our favorite memories with her and my mom dug up some old photos for us. one thing i have always been bad at is collecting old family photos so i was so excited when she showed me these and i can’t wait to edit some of them and have them for myself… i love seeing pictures of my grandma when she’s my age. and i’m wondering where her fabulous clothes are… my grandma is also where my middle name came from. her maiden name is folliard. i used to hate having a strange middle name and even wanted to change it at one point but now i love it and i love sharing it with her.

(it’s little leigh ann!)

and just one more of my mother… she is going to kill me for posting this

i couldn’t resist!! how amazing is this. oh LA.

happy 80th grandma! i love you. i am so glad i got to have part of your name and that you are a part of our lives. we love you.