happy tuesday friends… and yes, i deactivated my facebook. why you ask? well the truth is…i was a. distracted a lot b. annoyed c. comparing myself to others d. wasting a lot of time

it’s always been important to me to be content in my circumstances and i found that being distracted other people’s lives wasn’t helping that. so for the time being, i’m taking a break. i’ll still be tweeting, pinning and blogging a bit but for the most part i am taking a bit of time away from people’s digital personas and re-evaluating a bit. i know. i’m so deep. not really. sometimes you just have to recognize an unhealthy habit.

this isn’t my first breakup with facebook. back in college, i gave it up for lent. it was an interesting experience. no one seemed to understand i could not be reached via facebook. but i still had friends by the end of it so i don’t think it would hurt my social life too much to take another break.

i know facebook is ideal for the post-grad life when all of your friends are spread out but we can always call each other up or even better, visit! i’d honestly rather hear your voice and see your face than your status update. also another option: penpal’ing! my penpal kelsey and i have been going strong and it is such a joy to receive her letters every other week.

in other more interesting news… this week is a big one: 1. civil wars 2. harry potter 3. oklahoma!

1. john & joy round 2

so excited.

check out their incredible tour diary captured by allister ann

2. the eighth and final harry potter movie comes out this weekend!

who’s going at midnight? who’s going to cry?

3. then this weekend i’ll be traveling to oklahoma to see my bff Madison and to see my old roomie Mattie get married! double yay.

well if you made it this far, i think you deserve a good song: