moving weekend is upon me! see ya later mom and dad… i can’t believe it’s already been a year since i moved home. as far as post-grad advice goes, i would definitely encourage living at home if the situation allows. i saved money, had great food as well as a lot of time to research what area i wanted to live in and who i could possibly live with.

i also loved being at home during a time of big changes. it was comforting to able to come home to a great meal and parents to talk to as i began to make real world decisions.

yes, there were frustrating times and too many questions and nagging but overall, it worked out really well.

i know my mom is sad to see me go. she asked me last night if i would stay until i get married. i had to let her down on that one.

so starting today, i get my key and the moving begins! luckily i am in no rush to get everything in and set up so i can take my time and make trips back and forth.

now if someone would just make my room like THIS – that would help. thanks!

more room inspiration:

green+bright blue+dark wood

pretty vanity

pattern mixing

jewelry display