this video doesn’t necessarily present any new, shocking information. we’ve all heard the schpeel before – “exercise and you’ll live longer…just 30 minutes a day…blah blah” but despite its redundancy, when i saw this video this past tuesday, it motivated me. it’s like when you hear a message or idea over and over again but it’s not until a certain moment that you truly listen and have a desire to do it or follow it.

well, that happened to me this week and i’m trying my best to stick to it.

i have a wonderful job that requires me to be in an office for most the of the day from about 9 – 5. when i get home, all i want to do is sit. but i’m trying to change that.

i have a nice apartment gym just a few yards away as well as a great neighborhood to walk around. i’ve been taking a dance class once a week for almost a year now so i’m going to continue that and possibly try a yoga class as well.

no, this isn’t my “new year’s resolution” and no, i’m not becoming a food and fitness blogger but i may from time to time write about some the new things i’ve tried in order to stay active.

if this video motivated you, please let me know! i’d love to share ideas with others on how they are taking that short amount of time to do something for their health.