dear twitter,

happy anniversary!

it seems like just yesterday that i was sitting in the OSU Journalism building listening to my social media “guru” professor, Bill Handy, tell us about you. i remember thinking it strange that this platform was supposedly the new thing and we had to get at least 100 followers by the end of the semester. i thought, “how i was going to get 100 people to care about what i said?”

but as soon as we officially met, i was hooked. finally, i had found a communication platform that was so simple and interesting. i found myself learning new things other than who was dating who on facebook. i found myself making new friends, finding new bands, reaching out to potential employers and actually being up to date on what was happening in the world. when it came time to write my first feature for the school newspaper, it was an easy decision to write about you.

i’ve been singing your praises ever since and still do to this day. i love how you have evolved, getting better and better with each update. i love that everyone is realizing how wonderful you are. i love that you are a huge part of my career and that without you, i wouldn’t have been given the opportunities i’ve had.

thank you for 3 wonderful years,