so as i mentioned in my post, 23 1/2, i am following up on my “30 minutes a day” goal.

and remember, this is not a food and fitness blog. i repeat, not a fitness and food blog. i am extremely uneducated in both departments. this is simply an account of a girl trying to get a little exercise in her life because we all know we’re not getting any younger. and i’m hoping my blog will keep me accountable.

so far i’ve started spending about 30 minutes in the gym about 2-3 times a week; my apartment has a really nice one so this has been my fallback when it’s cold or i’m not motivated to go anywhere. i usually do about 20 minutes on the elliptical then spend the last 10 doing crunches and stretching. so advanced. i know.

I'm sure I will be able to do this soon.

i’ve also registered for a weekly dance class* and tried out a yoga class with my roommate, which I loved. in between that, my bf and i have been doing some at-home yoga (better than i expected) and also took a long walk when the weather was nice (hey, walking counts).

*about a year ago, i picked up dancing again, which is what i did from about 5 years old until i went to college. i was hesitant to because A. studios are pricey and B. i didn’t want to be embarrassed around a bunch of tweens but i decided to go for it anyway and loved it just as i always have.

i started in an hour long modern class once a week (i found myself committing to it easier because of the price-ha) then did a contemporary class. i really enjoyed it for a while but when it came time to register again, i decided to try a new studio, which is where i take now.

i started going with a friend to a 1.5 hour long intermediate modern contemporary jazz class (i guess they weren’t sure what category to put it in) and omg, it kicked my BUTT. it was also less expensive than where i was going and the classes were longer- double bonus. i did that class once a week for a few months then took a break over the holidays and recently got a new class card to start going again.

so far, my biggest challenge has been making time for exercise on the weekends. i do enjoy saturday morning gym workouts but all i want to do is lay around fridays and sundays. mondays are my off days because i have bible study, which i consider to be my spiritual/mental workout.

i know this post is getting l o n g – thanks for reading if you still are. anyway, overall i have noticed a few changes since i began this challenge. I’m sore and tired but I do feel better overall. i just say to myself “you never regret a workout” because it is so true. i am not looking to lose weight or change my life drastically by any means but i just want to simply to adopt a more healthy, active lifestyle that will benefit me physically AND mentally.

to be continued…