earlier today i tweeted that i wanted to start a book club. so far, i have two seriously interested – anyone else? yes, i’m serious. it probably sounds crazy to add something like this to our busy schedules but i really miss having the opportunity to not only read great books, but talk about them as well like we did in school. since i graduated, i’ve still been reading a ton, maybe even more than i did in school but i think it would be fun to have a consistent source of reading suggestions and insight from other people.

i’m thinking we would meet twice a month and each member would take a turn picking the book (it has to be something no one has read). then we’ll meet when we’re halfway through the book, then again when we’re done and deciding on a new one. the meetings would involve talking about what we like/don’t like about the book and we would have some discussion questions to get the conversation going as well. there would also be wine.

i would host the meetings at my apartment and make dinner for everyone (interested now??) but even if you didn’t live here, you could still participate via skype or send us your thoughts and questions that we could read aloud during the meeting.

yes?? if i get enough people interested, it’s happening.