Photo c/o Lindsay Swim


Yesterday i got to meet someone very special – harper faye gage.

my friend and former coworker ashley and her husband welcomed harper yesterday at 5:39 am. she is even more beautiful in person than i’ve been imagining these past 9 months!

when ashley first got pregnant, my fellow coworkers and i quickly jumped on the team baby train. we made sure ashley was stocked with candy and chik-fil-a. and we usually spent a few minutes a day with our hands on ashley’s belly, hoping to feel a kick.

something else we did during the months of preparation was create a collaborative pinboard that all of us could use to pin ideas for harper.

we started with ideas for the nursery but it quickly began to incorporate a variety of pins from what harper should wear to what kind glider she needed to what halloween costume we would force her to take pictures in.

i am currently using the collaborative pinboard method for my friend’s wedding as well and i love being able to share ideas with the bride and see what her vision is for the big day.

if you’re planning an event in the near future other than your own hypothetical wedding, try making a collaborative pinboard with other pinterest users who will be involved! it’s fun, easy and makes sure everyone is on the same page.