last year in honor of valentine’s day, i blogged about “telling it like it is” with some wise words from the one and only patti stanger, my hero. so this year as i thought i’d throw out another suggestion from the relationship book department: how to get a date worth keeping by henry cloud.

i picked this up after it was recommended to me from a good friend. i didn’t actually end up finishing it because i took its advice within the first couple chapters (things i had already considered that the book supported) and i’ve been in a relationship since. no i am not saying “this book will get you a man!” but i am saying it helped me open my eyes to how i was living my life and how i could possibly be more open to meeting new people, having new experiences and so on.

it’s really good for those of us out of school and suddenly a little shocked to realize the scarcity of places and opportunities to meet someone as opposed to the exciting college social scene.

everyone’s path is different but if you’re feeling like you’re in a rut or maybe you’re anticipating that you will be in a rut soon – read this book! i will let you borrow mine!

and have a wonderful, happy valentine’s day < 3