i caught up on the Season 2 Finale of Downton Abbey last night and now i am SO sad that it won’t be back for so long! i’m going to have to find a few shows to keep me distracted. thank goodness Mad Men is back next month.

but anyway, Sunday’s episode was packed full of DA goodness. Sir Richard is FINALLY gone. he was being especially horrible during the hunting scene and when he was complaining that the servants were celebrating christmas. srsly.

i was so glad lord grantham finally found out mary’s dirty little secret and didn’t encourage her to stay with richard because of it. and NOW mary and matthew are FINALLY together!! yay! i can’t wait for them to be living together at downton as husband and wife. but i’m sure season 3 will open with some tragedy that prohibits them from living happily ever after. you never know.

meanwhile back in town, mr. bates (LOVE mr. bates) is on trial for the murder of his wife, who we were ALL glad to see die (don’t deny it). i think she obviously set everything up to look like he killed her as her last ditch effort to ruin his life. poor mr. bates and poor anna.

did anyone else watch? what did you think?? how are you going to make it until season 3 starts?