seeing how i have had my own blog for almost two years and i basically blog all day long for work, it makes sense that i have a few blogs bookmarked that i enjoy reading throughout the week.

as i’ve said before, “picking a good blog to follow is like picking out a new cookbook…” i can only commit if i see more than 2 outfits or stories on the first page that i like. it really depends on the inspiration i am looking for. and then there’s always Pinterest for whatever i can’t find in a blog. anyway, here’s a few i really like:

1. emmadime: emma has been at the top of my blog list for quite some time. she recently did a major blog makeover and it looks a-mazing. as a freelance graphic designer, owner of emmadime:knitted, co-creator of our paper shop and fellow OSU alum (go Pokes!), emma always has amazing things to share. i’m glad to see she is doing well in cali! i miss always running into her at concerts in dallas.

2. bleubird vintage: james of bleubird vintage has been on my list for a long time as well. what really keeps me going back is her cute kids – especially her adorable daughter, gemma bird. she has the latest vintage fashions that every toddler should. plus all the photos of james’ cute family and unique, vintage filled home are great.

2. peanut butter fingers: julie of pbf just recently went to the top of my list due to her fitness and food posts, dog obsession and book reviews. i like her variety and writing voice. she keeps it real and does it well. plus she updates a ton, usually 3 times a day, so i always have lots of good content to look forward to.

4. b. jones style: there’s something about beth’s tall frame and blond hair that keeps her blog on my radar – hmm wonder why. her outfits are creative and inspirational with many good thrifting finds thrown in. she does mostly just outfit pictures, which is perfect for days when i just need quick fashion inspiration. her ensembles are frequently being pinned onto my style Pinterest board.

i’ll share the rest soon!