next thursday, i will be making a trip down to the apple store to pick up my brand new macbook pro. i. cant. wait.

this purchase was a long time in the making… lots of questions, saving, researching and conversing about it and then i finally took the leap! i got my first macbook right before i started my freshman year at OSU. it’s been through so much and i will be sad to see it go but an upgrade has been needed for quite some time. i decided to purchase the one-on-one membership as well so i’m excited to be able to sit down and learn about my new computer (usually i like to “figure things out on my own” with new gadgets but i decided that getting help from an apple employee would benefit most in the long run)

now it will be almost just as fun to pick out a case! i didn’t love what they had at the apple store so i have been scouring etsy and pinterest for other ideas! let me know if you have any good case recommendations!

how fun is this print??

classic and professional

i LOVE this one but i don’t think this company makes them big enough for a 15 inch mac.

do you own a macbook pro? are you on the fence about getting a mac?