Guacamole Bruschetta

today at work we had our own pinterest potluck! everyone had to choose a recipe they found on pinterest, which took me all of 4 seconds to do. i had been wanting to try out this guacamole bruschetta and the potluck was the perfect excuse to whip it up.

my avocados didn’t turn out quite as chunky and pretty as the ones in the picture but the taste was spot on. i always end up adding a little more garlic, salt and lime to my guacamole for an extra kick.

An event isn't complete without chalk art!

the little toasted pieces of french bread were probably my favorite part. it was kinda hard to expertly dab the garlic clove on the freshly toasted bread but i drizzled olive oil and sprinkled garlic salt on them to make sure they had enough flavor with the guac.

some of the other goodies brought were a spring salad, salsa pinwheels, cucumber sandwiches and chick deviled eggs. check out our pinterest potluck board – “Any Excuse for a Potluck

hope everyone has a nice Easter weekend!