i’ve been in denial about not blogging but i am going to do my best to get back on track. blogging is somewhat therapeutic for me. while i do it almost every day for work, it’s nice to get in my own head for a bit and share with you, my loyal and few blog readers!

let’s just do a little wrap-up of recent events to start…

my maid-of-honor duties are in full swing and while some call me crazy for taking on two showers within a month of each other, it hasn’t been too bad! aside from scouring the earth for 5×7 envelopes. (always, my friends, always order your envelopes WITH invitations or better yet, have them all mailed out for you) so needless to say, i’m learning a lot. i’m lucky the bride herself is being so incredibly laid back about everything. it also helps that we will be in mexico in LESS than two months. hallelujah. now i just need to find my bridesmaid dress…

my fave local band, catamaran, competed in the shops at park lane’s Rock the Park and WON the popular vote, which means they will be playing again this weekend in order to snag a spot at this year’s Homegrown Fest! come out and hear some good music (the madisons and the breakfast machine will be playing as well). i thoroughly enjoyed a delicious dinner and beer from gordon biersch before their last performance at the shops so i might need to repeat that.

and while i’m on the topic of music – last tuesday i went to see florence + the machine at palladium ballroom. it was so wonderful. not sure what show is going to top that this year – maybe m83 next weekend??

at the end of this month, i will be taking a much anticipated weekend trip to fredericksburg, tx with my mom and sister. it’ll be our last girls’ weekend before my sister is off to the northeast for law school this summer. any good fredericksburg recommendations? my mom is pretty familiar with the area but i would love to try out some new stuff or really nothing at all – sitting and doing nothing sounds heavenly, for real.

well hopefully i’ve gotten myself back in blogging mode again and will be posting more frequently… thanks for reading this much if you made it this far.