bride-to-be brynn and co-host perrin

last weekend i was so excited to be throwing my best friend, bride-to-be, brynn, and her fiancé a stock the bar wedding shower! the night was a complete success but i couldn’t have done it without my co-host, perrin, or the bride and her family. here’s a few things i learned along the way…

Be Flexible. we had to change the date several times as well as the venue but in the end, it worked perfectly and we had a great turn out.

RSVP (or else). we had a regrets only email address provided on the invitation but hardly anyone replied to it so next time around, i would definitely go with a general RSVP to a phone number. it was difficult to estimate our final number when no one had emailed. people are more likely to pick up the phone and make sure you know that they will be there.

“Bride” koozie

Save $$. don’t underestimate the dollar store; i got some great decorations there for cheap! and they looked great. no one would’ve guessed they cost a buck.

Advance Order. etsy is a great place to get personalized items for an event but be sure you start browsing early enough to have it shipped, which can take  several days depending on the vendor. i gave brynn and jacob personalized “Bride” and “Groom” solo cup koozies to use during the party.

Hand-me-downs. some of the best stuff we used for the party were things we (or friends or parents) already had. it was nice to not feel pressured to buy every single thing but just spruce up borrowed things and use them in our own way.

Keep a List. i kept a running list of everything we needed for the party between all the hosts. that way each of us always knew what we were responsible for and what had been taken care of. we also created a Pinterest board to swap ideas back and forth.

photobooth props!

Envelopes Suck. seriously. i had no idea how difficult it would be to find envelopes. we custom designed the invitation and ordered all of them online for a good price but we failed to get envelopes as well. looking back, i would’ve ordered the envelopes the same day instead of feeling rushed to find some once the invitations came in. ah well, rookie mistakes!

Do What You Can With What You Have. nowadays, party planning can be bit overwhelming with tools like Pinterest showing us all the over-the-top amazing events with such intricate details. it’s hard not to see that and want to do it all. i definitely felt that way but reminded myself that i can’t do it all but what i was able to do would be more than enough and special to the couple. keeping the collaborative Pinterest board between myself and the other hosts also helped narrow down our ideas and what would be (financially and physically) possible.

it was such a fun night and they definitely got more than enough to stock their bar! i can’t wait for the celebrations to come leading up to the BIG day…