of course i don’t follow my own blogging advice and i let quite a bit of time go by before coming back to the blog but for good reasons! i have had some major (and fun) life events happen over the past couple months. to start…

1. My sister got engaged! And moved away…

On July 1, my sister’s boyfriend popped the question and she said yes! They will be getting married next summer so my MOH duties are back in full swing! I can’t wait. She will be starting law school this month in New Jersey so we’ll be doing a lot of long distance planning but I’ll be visiting her soon once I settle into my new place (see #4)

2. My brother is moving back! 

I lost my sister but I’ve got my brother back! Him and his girlfriend will be Texas residents again after 3 years in California. While I will miss the celebrity info and swag (plus a place to stay in LA – darn), I am thrilled to have him back here.

3. My best friend got married in Cabo! 

Last month my bestie, Brynn, was married in Cabo San Lucas. I spent 5 days celebrating with her and her family; it was amazing and such a memorable experience. See their wedding video here.

4. I’m moving!

As mentioned in #1, I will be moving beginning of next month – across the street! I’m happy to be staying in the same neighborhood and will try to post some decor updates as I start putting things together.

4. I turned in the key to my childhood home.

The past few months my parents have been slowly packing up the house I’ve lived in most of my life while their new house in McKinney is underway. A couple weeks ago they packed up the last box and we said goodbye. It was definitely an emotional moment but we feel very content knowing that a sweet family is moving in to begin making memories of their own.

5. My parents’ new house is underway

As I mentioned, my parents are building a new house in McKinney, TX and most recently the paint, brick and front steps have been completed. Soon, the appliances will go in and they’ll be living there by the end of next month! I’m so excited for them and I can’t wait to spend some family time in McKinney, which I’ve grown to love. Plus I still have my own room!

Despite all the changes taking place, I am going to do my best to keep the blog up and running. I have some fun post ideas to get to…