The cleanse continues…

Day 2

6:30 am
Woke up feeling pretty good – not exhausted but not particularly peppy either. I slept well but no better than usual. I think my craving for salty foods has somewhat subsided. I made hot water with lemon again and it tasted very soothing and woke me up a bit.

8 am
Tried to finish horrible green juice from yesterday to get it over with. I just couldn’t take it and even gagged a little so I put it away and decided to have half of my ok-green juice when I got to work and the other half later today instead of the poison.

9:06 am
Started the ok-green juice and it’s not the best way to start the day but I’m washing it down with water. I feel pretty awake and I’m just hoping this day goes fast. Also not looking forward to having to make my juices after babysitting tonight. It’s probably going to be a late night. I also brought myself a little snack to have around lunchtime: a few shaved almonds and about 7 raw cashews. I don’t consider this cheating but rather a reward to keep going.

10:06 am
Finished about half the green juice and will save the rest for later. Looking forward to fruit juice in about an hour or so. Someone has pizza in the refrigerator. It looks amazing.

11:12 am
Opened up my first fruit juice of the day (Strawberry-Banana). I’ve drinking lots of water since this morning and I’d like to get some green tea for later maybe closer to dinner. The odd feeling of this cleanse is that while I am craving real food, I feel full. It’s strange. I think my reward for finishing this juice will be the nuts I brought. Can’t wait.

12:48 pm
Finished the fruit juice, made some green tea and I’m nibbling on my cashews and almonds. They’re delicious. Despite some people’s lunches smelling fantastic, it doesn’t look as appetizing up close. No headache so far today. Not too sleepy either.

1:48 pm
Green tea is yummy but I’m starting to feel slightly tired. I’m now looking at cakes online for my birthday. Bad idea. Next up is the Pineapple-Mango juice around 2:30 pm.

2:30 pm
About to go get my next juice but I’m starting to feel very shaky, which might be from the lack of sugar. I feel kinda weak too. Coworker who has done this says it’s normal and she will alert me if I begin to look pale.

2:36 pm
The Pineapple-Mango juice is the BOMB. I could drink this all day!!

5:01 pm
I need to get started on the second half of the green and then head out of the office. I’ll be babysitting tonight and I have informed them not to tempt me with any homemade meal!! I’ve also been told we’re having a working lunch tomorrow so no Jimmy John’s for me 😦 but it’ll be my last day! I can do this!!

5:21 pm
Just fell out of my chair at work. Coworkers are blaming the cleanse. Either way: embarrassing.

7:27 pm
I barely finished the last half of green juice. For some reason today it was a lot less appetizing than yesterday. Babysitting was a bad idea. There is food EVERYWHERE. Their mom even made me some banana chocolate chip bread. Ugh. This sucks. I must confess I nibbled on a couple minuscule things – so tiny I swear. It’s not cheating. It’s surviving.