Yes, this is a few days late but here is how the last day of cleanse went and what I learned during the process.

Day 3

9:58 am
Just now starting on my first green juice – the poison. It’s okay. But I’m not excited about it. Last night was a little stressful. I didn’t get home until late and we realized we were out of some of the ingredients. So we had to improvise and I didn’t get to sleep until almost 1 am. So far this cleanse hasn’t given me any extra surge of energy so I was pretty exhausted this morning. I’m hoping to finish half of this juice and drink the rest later today. It’s the last day! I can do this.

11:02 am
I got about half of the green juice down – so gross. I made some green tea to get the taste out of my mouth. Ugh I’m frustrated. Some people had said that Day 3 is the easiest but so far it’s the worst. Ready for this to be over. Everyone is writing down their lunch order for Jimmy John’s. So rude.

The rest of Day 3 did not go quite as planned. Due to unforeseen, tumultuous events, I ended up quitting the cleanse around 6:30 pm when I ate dinner with my mom. I’m still proud of myself for making it as far as I did and I did learn a few things along the way.

For example, I was completely dependent on food full of sugar and salt. Especially salt. I was craving it like none other. Now having made myself aware of this dependence, I want to attempt to incorporate more “raw” food into my diet that is not heavily seasoned or full of preservatives. I might even make some juices again (but not anytime soon).

Also, I learned that I can survive without caffeine- gasp! This was a surprise to me. No coffee, soda or tea – and I was fine. Not great, but not horrible. While the taste of a warm drink is comforting to me in the morning, it by no means will make or break my day.

So in conclusion, it was definitely a learning experience. I don’t think either of us felt as many positive effects as we were anticipating but I know it changed our view of the food we eat. We might even do another one in the near future (maybe. maybe just a 1-day cleanse).

I hope this was somewhat helpful to any of you considering a cleanse – I would definitely say just go for it!