that’s right ya’ll, i can’t help but brag that i am incredibly lucky. a week ago i celebrated my 25th birthday – the ol’ quarter of a century celebration. it didn’t depress me though but rather, it motivated me and reminded me how great the first half of my 20s have been. and most importantly it reminded me of the incredibly ah-mazing friends i’ve made along the way.

leaving college friends behind is sad. you do what you can to keep up but at the end of the day, your lives are so busy and in a million different places that it’s basically impossible to see each other as much as you want or need. but since i’ve moved back to dallas, i have met some of the most wonderful people that i know will be in my life forever. some were re-connections but many were completely brand new. i was literally brought to tears (ok maybe it was the sweat tea vodka- whatever) last weekend when i thought about how much some of these new friends have impacted my life in such a short amount of time.

i don’t think i could’ve survived these past two years out of college without some of the people i’ve met along the way. i am so glad that birthdays, weddings, babies and every other kind of celebration we throw together serve as consistent reminders of how much these new and old friends mean to me.

here’s to another year of time spend with friends i’ll never forget.